The Pandemic effect on Artists…

By the beginning of March 2020, it was evident that the pandemic(Covid-19) was about to walk into the country, the shades of black ink casted on to the vibrant color palates all over the world. Never imagined the surrealistic views of deserted cities and towns would come real, the whole country was like a canvas to be painted. Every individual started homing to their own stories and pains. It took sometime for people to see and understand what’s happening with this new phenomenon.

Was really challenging for artists to stay indoors and away from their routine work, galleries got shut, plans have failed, movement have stopped, no sales and no exhibits and no work le to chaos, which was not visible for government. Artist community was totally left out from the government packages to rescue them. Artists were shy in asking to their respective state governments, and central establishments also tried to maintaining social distancing with this intellectual poor class. The European governments were so considerable on artists and galleries to award millions of dollars to support, whereas in India they were left to no immunity.

None of the eminent artists raised voice on behalf of the community with government, kept themselves safe in homes. Six months have passed by now, none of them asked, how are artists coping the situation. Many budding and establishing artists didn’t had any support, this is a country which doesn’t even provide color pigment and basic paper or canvas to artists in normal times, forget what’s happening during the pandemic. Artists i mean in this article is about painters, who work with brush and paper,canvas and other material.

But a similar situation is observed on to performing artists, folk and traditional artists, photographers, potters and ceramists, they were all neglected, situation worsen in villages and small towns.

In Urban areas, artists who had ability, switched to digital platforms and started working on virtual exhibits, conducting workshops, online classes upsurge as never before, demand for arts rouse to new heights, desire for learning got increased many folds, but on contrary, the sales on artworks steeply went down to the lowest. Galleries shut their operations.

During the first few months of lockdown, numerable contests were announced for children and adults to participate in art contests, especially targeting the theme on covid-19 pandemic, one such good example was from International watercolor society in India, which was a national event allowing Indians from allover the world to participate, it was a huge success and people enjoyed participating from the country.

National Bird Vs Dragon carrying Pandemic

Many of the sectors, have started working and coming back to normalcy, but the situation for artists has got no better yet, Hoping for a better future and understanding by Governments.

Article written by Rajkumar.gade (Artist) (The painting depicts the The national bird Peacock taking over the battle with Dragon which is carrying the Corona Virus)

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