Rajkumar Gade is a member of International water colour society (IWS) and Head of state for Telangana. His primary objective being an IWS member is to promote watercolour as medium and encourage artists to revive the medium.

Being a watercolour artist, he works with water medium and interested in landscapes, portraits and streetscapes. He paints in a realistic manner, Rendering figures and landscapes elements with equal importance. He makes an effort to bring out the emotions in human through portraits, simple day to day life subjects in streetscapes and some extraordinary tapping of unseen landscapes. He has experience in Buddhist Thangka Paintings too.

He has exhibited his painting in various countries such as, Ukraine, UAE, Pakistan, Malaysia, Slovenia, India, Bangladesh, Italy, Australia, Kosovo, Switzerland and many more in online exhibits and some in pipeline. He also conducts workshops in watercolour medium in Hyderabad.

Rajkumar Gade, is by profession a Humanitarian aid worker, having more than 15 years of work experience on disaster management and carries a civil engineering degree, and specialised in water resources, disaster management and forestry management. But his non qualifications and interest, have always been art history and keen urge to learn visual arts.

He also does pottery and sculpture with ceramics and terracotta; he adopts the style of primitive potters and build his art work with just hands.

He is open to commissioned works for portraits, landscapes and lectures on art..

Anyone interested can get in touch directly either from website or to the given mail id

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